Product update: here’s the latest

Periodically we like to let the Couchsurfing community know what we’re working on and why. As you may k ... Read More

How to Couchsurf Through Mexico: In the Wild with Martina

Staff in the Wild is a Couchsurfing program that seeks to connect the staff at HQ with the community at large. We’re hosting travelers, organizing events and will be out surfing … Read More

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A New Way to Discover Couchsurfing Events Around the World

Couchsurfing is a way of life, not just a way to travel. We’ve seen Couchsurfers fly to Mongolia specifically to stay with a specific host and visit Berlin just to … Read More

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A Beginner’s Guide to Verification

Verification! What is it? Shall we let the beautiful Malia explain it for us? Watch the video below for all the fun details… Verification on Couchsurfing is the process where … Read More

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Couchsurfing Staff Are Heading Out into the Wild

Our Mobile Software Engineer, Nathaniel, spent over two years surfing with his wife, Kim, around the world. Dylan, a member since 2005 (and another of our software engineers), practiced yoga … Read More

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Say Hello to Community Manager, Massimo Bennardo

We’re so excited to welcome long-time member Massimo Bennardo to the Couchsurfing team. Massimo joins us as a Community Manager, where he’ll work with the rest of the Community team … Read More

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