Beach Clean Up: Acapulco

Some time ago the idea of the Couchsurfing Acapulco community arose to carry out an event in which it provided protection of the environment, culture, fun and coexistence with the community. So “La Isla de la Roqueta” came to mind.

With a radiant sun and 30 degrees temperature, we met on Saturday, March 14, 2020, to embark towards this Protected Natural Reserve, known as La Isla de la Roqueta.

I was honestly afraid that no one would come, but 11 members from 6 countries attended the event. We had visitors from Taiwan, USA, France, Poland, Spain and of course Mexico.

We start our first activity doing a little more than 2 km of Hiking, in which we organize teams of 3 people to collect garbage, mainly Plastics, Cans and Glass.

It is worth mentioning that the vast majority of tourists are unaware of this incredibly beautiful ride, which is why I decided to share this wonderful experience with Couchsurfing travelers who were in Acapulco.

During the tour we were able to appreciate some birds, as well as some magical corners, in which the memory photo could not be missing. 30 minutes later we reached the highest part of the Island where there is a museum with archaeological pieces found here.

We continue our journey along the path for 40 more minutes until we find the first viewpoint to delight in the immensity of the Pacific Ocean of an impressive Turquoise Blue. Where we take the opportunity to admire and at the same time take a break.

We continued the path of the trail until we reached Palmitas Beach, our final point, where we would develop the other activities, while some members did Snorkel to appreciate the marine fauna and the coral reef near the beach, others had fun on the beach or simply enjoying the sun rays for a nice tan.

After a while of healthy fun, we organized ourselves to prepare the Picnic together, One team prepared a delicious guacamole, another prepared a cold pasta with legumes and the third team had to serve and prepare some toast to accompany. This activity was very nice and fun.

We were almost at the end of the event and we all felt like family, as if we had known each other for life.

It was a great adventure and an extraordinary experience for everyone, something nice to feed our traveling spirit and continue helping other members of the Couchsurfing community. Thank you friends of the CS Acapulco team Martha and James, Sergio from Spain.

Our friends CS Travelers: Noe from Merida, Daniel and Ilse from Tijuana, Françoise from France, Klaudia from Poland, Rose from Taiwan and Collin from USA

Palmitas-Beach-5 Picnic3-7 Palmitas-Beach-1-8 89939490_10157390472904751_5978341755861336064_n-9 Senderismo-1 embarco-0 Playa-de-los-enamorados-3.jpg Mirador-4.jpg Palmitas-Beach-5.jpg picnic1-6.jpg Picnic3-7.jpg Palmitas-Beach-1-8.jpg 89939490_10157390472904751_5978341755861336064_n-9.jpg embarco-0.jpg Senderismo-1.jpg IMG-20200321-WA0018-2.jpg

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