Announcing the “New Inbox” on Couchsurfing

We roll out updates to Couchsurfing on a regular basis – this time we’re releasing an entirely n ... Read More

Couchsurfing & The Language of Kindness

Jordan Phoenix is walking the West Coast by foot, sojourning to better understand social issues like poverty, housing, and underemployment - and along the journey, he's Couchsurfing! Jordan Phoenix on West Coast Walking / Couchsurfing Adventure "By far, the most inspiring thing that I've discovered during the journey is how amazing the Couchsurfing community has been. From Vancouver, to White Rock, Bellingham, Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, Eureka, San Francisco, Oakland -- words can't even express how grateful I am to have met so many generous souls along the way. Over a dozen times, I've been blown away by how willing people … Read More

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Couchsurfing with a Family in Paris

The Appleford family and their Couchsurfing hosts in Paris Learn how the Appleford family visits Paris and Couchsurfs along the journey! From “Couchsurfing is a truly magical concept. People around the … Read More

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6 Pieces of Travel Wisdom from Couchsurfing Around the World

Couchsurfer Kate Ashley set off to chase a dream last year: traveling around the world via Couchsurfing and public transit. Six months later she emerged with a shorter haircut, a … Read More

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Wanderlust or Genetics: Are You Born to Travel?

There seem to be some people that have an inherent need to hit the road, while others aren’t all of that mesmerized by the opportunity to cross seas and experience new … Read More

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“Not Just Tourists” Shares Medical Supplies through Travelers

A massive amount of valuable medical supplies get thrown away every day in Canada, and at the same time people around the world suffer from a lack of access to … Read More

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