My Couchsurfing Adventure in Rural India

Once upon a time, I dreamed of being a teacher. But life led me down different paths—I started in the world of computers, then became an organic farmer. Still, the dream of teaching lingered in my heart.

As I traveled, I used Couchsurfing for short stays since 2014. It was during these travels that I thought, “Could someone on Couchsurfing help me find my way to becoming a teacher?” That’s when I discovered the magic of the “create a public trip” option.

I posted about my dream on Couchsurfing, hoping to find guidance. To my surprise, in just a few days, a fellow Couchsurfer offered more than just a place to stay. They invited me to their village in North India, where they had a school. The catch? They wanted me to be a teacher in exchange for a place to stay—an opportunity for an entire year!

Curious and excited, I went to the village to get a feel for the place. The school was nestled away from the city, surrounded by vast farms where people grew sugarcane to make a living. The person hosting me was educated and had opened the school for the village children. Even though they didn’t earn much, it was their way of giving back—a true social service.

The school welcomed kids from playgroup to 8th grade, a small but close-knit community. I decided to volunteer as a teacher, teaching subjects like computers, maths, and social studies. But it wasn’t just about teaching in the classroom; I also helped with administrative work.

During my stay, I got the chance to experience the richness of local life—sampling delightful local foods, participating in lively weddings, and immersing myself in various cultural events. The weather, language, people’s mindset, and daily life were different from anything I had known. India, I discovered, is like a continent within itself, where every 300 kilometers brings a change in daily life, food, and language.

The experience was unlike anything I had imagined. The village, the sugarcane fields, the warm smiles of the people—it all became a part of my journey. And to think, I never expected that Couchsurfing would be the key to making my dream of becoming a teacher come true.

For my fellow backpackers, hitchhikers, social media influencers, and volunteers, this story is a testament to the amazing connections you can make on Couchsurfing. Your journey might take unexpected turns, but it could lead you to fulfill your dreams in ways you never imagined. So, embrace the adventure, connect with the world, and let Couchsurfing be your guide to extraordinary experiences!

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