There’s a something new on our website you should check out!

We listened to your input: you need to be able to view your upcoming Couchsurfing activities at one glance and use the core features of the website more easily. As of today, your “home” page is no longer your local Place Page but a dashboard of your activities on Couchsurfing.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 5.31.31 PM

What’s the new home page all about?

Your new home page gives you an overview of your upcoming personal Couchsurfing experiences.

It allows you to view and manage:

    • incoming and confirmed surfers
    • responses from hosts and confirmed hosts
    • events you are invited to or attending

The dashboard also shows you how to take additional action, e.g. invite guests, post a travel plan, look for events or find Couchsurfers in your area to meet up (Place Pages). As requested by many users, you may now also look for a couch directly from the dashboard. You will be reminded to write a reference for your previous hosts or guests. On the left panel you may edit your profile, see your pending friend requests and the recently visited groups, with an invitation to join them if you haven’t already.

In the future, the dashboard will be your default home page on the website. You can always go right back to it by clicking on the “Home” button in the navigation bar.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 5.20.35 PM

A big thank you to our dedicated beta testers who have given us feedback and helped us find and fix bugs in the process. Have fun exploring your dashboard and we hope you like it!


The Couchsurfing Product and Community Team



    1. We’ve been working on fixing the bugs that caused this error message. If you still encounter that problem, please find help here:! Thanks for your patience.

  1. İ found it very difficult to find a place to post this message in your discussion boards, so i am posting it here. On the Lisbon, Portugal events page, there are almost no daytime events and no lunches. This is a minus factor for me as a lone female traveller as İ limit my night time activity. Even the weekly events meeting is at 9pm!

    1. Hi!
      All members can organize events, so if there are not enough daytime lunches and activities, yours could be the first!
      Make sure to complete your profile before creating an event so people can see who you are. Maybe invite some female Couchsurfers in Lisbon to your event to get to know the local community.

      1. OK, but I have no control over the 9pm meeting time. You could also make the site more female friendly by allowing people to give a ballpark age figure, like 21 -30, instead of their exact age.

        1. Thanks for your input! We’ll have a second look at the missing features and bugs of the new events system in upcoming months.
          Sharing information about yourself, including your age, is not meant to be unfriendly towards women, but it is a cornerstone of the Couchsurfing values (