We recently launched a new program to appreciate and highlight some of our most engaged members, our Couchsurfing Ambassadors.

Ambassadors live and breathe Couchsurfing and embody our Core Values –  every day.

They have been chosen to participate in this program because of the amazing ways in which they participate in Couchsurfing and their passion for creating more cultural understanding and respect in the world.

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Over the last weeks, we’ve added over 1000 Ambassadors to the program and we will continue to add amazing people starting in January 2014. Our current Ambassadors live all over the world and between them they speak over 163 languages. They all have inspiring stories to tell and we’re happy to feature some of our Ambassador’s stories here.


 Couchsurfing Ambassadors organize spontaneous beach camps and start education projects or collect clothing to support local communities. They are the kind of people who would treat their guests (yes, guests!) with a bouquet of flowers. Out of pure kindness. Ambassadors are that extraordinary. And they truly understand that Couchsurfing is about “sharing your life with someone and including that someone in your everyday activities. Making them part of your family, part of your group of friends, part of you!”

Our Couchsurfing Ambassadors inspire us every day, both from home and on the road.

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    1. I have hosted hundreds of Couchsurfers and have been nominated to be an Ambassador by other Couchsurfing Ambassadors and have also requested to join the program myself but am yet to hear back from anyone.

      Please help me out here guys I would love to be an Ambassador for Couchsurfing here in Launceston Tasmania, I have attached a link to a news article that reflects my thoughts on Couchsurfing.

      Thanks Guys and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


      1. I am in the same position. I keep the CS community active in Austin, TX. I planned our Couch Crash, I have been nominated, but I haven’t heard back from CS.

        1. Thanks for both of your nominations! Currently, we are prioritizing nominations from women in countries where gender roles and expectations differ from gender equality (read more here: bit.ly/MWdmLE). Consequently, we’ll be turning to the remaining nominations after this process is completed. Thanks you for your patience.

  1. My experience with the embassadors is mostly negative. I asked the safety team to check in my inbox, the kind of private messages I receive from women about an embassador, nobody cares. In Dubai, a woman asked if she should come, I told her to come and enjoy and to surf but to be careful a in case of a problem she could not report to the police, as usual my comments were flagged and the new embassador did not give the right information. After one year only, an embassadore now on the wall gives an information. And not even complete. It is too many local men, too young, and not enough women. Couchsurfing is supposed to represent our democratic values. I have been flagged and suspended since 2months for feminism activism, so I am not a feminist activist but I will contact the feminist organization of United States and will ask them to organize manifestions in front of your office, showing them the letter you sent me. And I will take my flight ticket and come to visit you personnaly in your office. And wil organize seatting in front of your office. To suspend a woman for feminist activism when she nicely inform a woman about the fact to be careful in Dubai, is really the prove that Couchsurfing does not respect women at all. Plus I have a moral damage and a physical medical problem since my suspension, so all this will be seen by an American doctor and an attestation made. It is a terrible damage on a psychological level to suspend a woman for this reason, I did not consult a lawyer yet, but when I will come to visit you I will come with a lawyer to attest of the situation. I don’t know how many women had the same kind of prejudice than I had, I will check the situation with some organisation in United States when I will come in San Francisco , just for you, just because I got suspended. In Dubai the women being raped are jailed for illicit relation and 4 men are asked to witness a rape. Even Pakistan has no more this law. Not only the embassadors did not inform during one year but plus flagged my messages. The Embassadors all come in Dubai from countries with women rights issues as the organizers, they are all men, no woman, one but absent on the site. Couchsurfing based in United States is supposed to represent some Western values. Plus Mario of the safety team lied to me saying that Concentrix was never part of the safety team, you are not supposed to lie to your members. I love Couchsurfing but now you suspended me, my only goal is to suspend CS Dubai, as it is too dangerous for women, the way you handled thing. A press article on Mediapart about my suspension is being written. But the journalist is trying to find other women in my case.

  2. It’s no good what you’ve done lately, the ambassador MUST be related to a city, if you became an ambassador in Machu Picchu you can’t claim to be an ambassador of Berlin, even if you moved to berlin, you can be travelling ambassador, because it’s strange how some ambassadors act. If it’s non profit why being aggressive?
    As long as you’re FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION you’ve got no ethical right to claim the core values as the way to judge people! Still I’m against obvious commercial events and spammy ads, those 2 I hate the most!

    1. Please read the reply below to Hauke Holtkamp. Couchsurfing’s values are the foundation upon which the community is based and as such they are an essential element of the Ambassador program.

      1. The core values were the values of the original CS, today CS and CS before 2011 is 2 different organizations! Don’t mix up things!

  3. I am confused. Wasn’t there an ambassador program since years ago? How do these “new ambassadors” relate to the “old ambassadors”?

    1. Couchsurfing Ambassadors have built local communities, participated in creating a global Couchsurfing community, and shared their lives in countless, meaningful and selfless ways throughout the years. The “old” Ambassadors used to act as volunteers which is legal for a non-profit organisation only.

      We’re introducing a new Ambassador program to recognize and celebrate our core community members and to support them in doing what they love to do on Couchsurfing. It is an appreciation program for our most engaged members. We’re committed to supporting a group of Ambassadors in creating a strong, thriving Couchsurfing Community for years to come – they’ll receive special information and updates from CSHQ and have an opportunity to participate in an active dialog about changes to the service.

      1. awesome answer! That’s what I wanted to hear! So it’s a new company to kick out the old volunteers ambassadors and start to make an army of employed ambassadors in the future to earn money! As business model it’s good but you MUST change the “Core values”

        1. Hasan, the new Ambassadors are neither employees nor asked to perform any type of work. They are an inspiration for other members as they live our values in their everyday lives.

          If you disagree with our core values http://www.couchsurfing.com/n/values but have suggestions on how to improve them, please contact our Support Team bit.ly/11rz363 so we can look into it.

  4. why cant you leave a negative post about a surfer? positive or neutral gets posted while a negative response gets deleated. if someone has negative posts about them i damn sure want to know. you are sweeping it under the rug by not posting it. ebay had to change when they got too many negative posts so ;they jjust stopped posting any negative comments. now ;it seems you guys are trying to surpress any negative posts. when did this happen and why ?

    1. We encourage all members to always leave a truthful reference, be it positive, neutral or negative!
      We only delete references outside of our reference guidelines. However, members may at any time choose to delete references they left for others.

  5. I don’t know how you select Ambassadors, but i think to qualify they should be active in local couchsurfing events, the one in our area has only attended one u pot luck dinners and does not show up for meet ups. Also only a very few hosts in the area know who he is.

  6. I wonder how long it takes for a nomination to be examined. I submitted mine about a month ago and don’t know if it was rejected or if it’s still waiting…

    1. We’ve prioritized former Ambassadors’ nominations and have just started looking into new ones. We’ll notify you if you are invited to join!