Our Couchsurfing Ambassador Program

We recently launched a new program to appreciate and highlight some of our most engaged members, our Couchsurfing Ambassadors.

Ambassadors live and breathe Couchsurfing and embody our Core Values –  every day.

They have been chosen to participate in this program because of the amazing ways in which they participate in Couchsurfing and their passion for creating more cultural understanding and respect in the world.

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Over the last weeks, we’ve added over 1000 Ambassadors to the program and we will continue to add amazing people starting in January 2014. Our current Ambassadors live all over the world and between them they speak over 163 languages. They all have inspiring stories to tell and we’re happy to feature some of our Ambassador’s stories here.


 Couchsurfing Ambassadors organize spontaneous beach camps and start education projects or collect clothing to support local communities. They are the kind of people who would treat their guests (yes, guests!) with a bouquet of flowers. Out of pure kindness. Ambassadors are that extraordinary. And they truly understand that Couchsurfing is about “sharing your life with someone and including that someone in your everyday activities. Making them part of your family, part of your group of friends, part of you!”

Our Couchsurfing Ambassadors inspire us every day, both from home and on the road.

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