Why we Couchsurf: Join the circus? Travel to foreign lands? Redefine normal.

Couchsurfers write in to us every day with stories of how we can see the world through each other (re)define what’s possible.

Rethinking Normal

Paolo left southern Italy in September and started a worldwide hitch hiking tour. Before he left, he said, “for me it was strange that someone could host strangers in their own house. Well, right now, I just think the opposite: it’s strange someone is not hosting strangers.

reimagine_couchsurfing“During this travel I’m learning about being really … normal. Yes, that’s the word. Normal.

“It’s normal to help each other, it’s normal to know different cultures, it’s normal to travel.

I love to be normal :)”

Last time we checked, he had reached Morocco by way of Italy, Spain and France!

Learn more about the start of his story here: http://globetrotter.pleone.it/it/la-svizzera/

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