Product Updates: Travelers Nearby, Events and Radius Search

We roll out updates to Couchsurfing’s services on a regular basis – here are some of new features you might have noticed recently:

  • Event Notifications by Email: Notifications about Couchsurfers looking for hosts, planning events and having discussions near you. Since we started sending notifications earlier this month, we’ve seen event RSVPs increase around the world.
  • Android App/”Travelers Near You”: The Android App now includes a “travelers near you” feature – try it here.
  • Featured Event Request: Organizers can request that their event be featured from the event page.
  • Radius Search: Couchsurfers can search for a host or traveler using a “radius search” filter to expand or contract their geographic search area beyond a city center.
  • More Effective Host Rankings: Host search results now better reflect a host’s experience, level of activity and proximity to the geographic area being searched.
  • Event Sorting: Now with a glance you can see the most popular events in a city or search for events taking place while you are in town.

Other updates:

  • Some members who use Hotmail email accounts experienced delayed delivery of Couchsurfing notifications and emails for part of last month. This is a known issue we’re addressing with Hotmail. We are sorry for the inconvenience!
  • We’re expanding the Verification process to include multiple currencies.
  • And we welcomed a new front end engineer to the office this week – you’ll start seeing her work across the site.
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