Announcing the “New Inbox” on Couchsurfing

We roll out updates to Couchsurfing on a regular basis – this time we’re releasing an entirely new inbox!


The new inbox has many features, including:

  • Message templates –  you can create your own custom message templates for things like: fun things to do in your city, house rules, directions, etc. Once you save a message template, you can directly insert the text inside your message with the click of a button! This will save you time and help you keep your Couchsurfing communications consistent and organized.

  • Thread archiving – you’ve been asking for ways to keep your inbox clean and now archiving has arrived. Once you archive a specific message, the thread will no longer show up inside of your main inbox. Archived messages can be located anytime by opening the archived messages folder.

  • Profile overview in message thread – now you can see a Couchsurfer’s profile overview inside of the message thread, including: the number and type of references, age and gender, languages spoken, year joined, profession, and verification status, as well as important safety contact information. Of course, you can still click on a given profile to see their full bio as well.

  • Filters for messages from hosts and surfers – tired of sifting through messages out of context? Now your messages are automatically sorted according to whether they are threads with guests or hosts. If you want to see all of your messages in one place, simply click into the “Everyone” tab at the top of your inbox.

  • Visibility of message history – you can click into a message and directly reply to a thread with the ability to see what’s been said previously directly below the reply box.

  • Thread overview of couch requests – at a glance, you can now see the date and status of any given couch request.


If you’d like to have a direct impact on the product, please request an invite to our beta panel. You can also submit your suggestions and feature requests here. The best way to report specific issues or bugs is to write to support.

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