My Experience with Couchsurfing

Hi Everyone,

I’m really grateful that Couchsurfing exists as it gives so many people the opportunity to connect worldwide. It also provides a way to get to know cultures and people and gives us the opportunity to experience their lives by staying with them and having a free place to stay.

I have hosted and been hosted many times and have only had amazing experiences. Even though in the beginning we might be strangers, this community gives us the opportunity to build trust, create new friendships and visit amazing places. I have many fun and interesting stories about my experiences. What I remember about all of them is KINDNESS!! When we are open to all possibilities magic always happens.

A while back I was hosted by a lady with her son. She had a couch but offered me her bedroom even though she had back problems. I was so touched and promptly said I’d take the couch.

On another occasion I hosted a beautiful woman, Mariana from Switzerland. At the time I was running an Inn and was getting ready to host a wedding. After she had just flown in and arrived in the US in the morning, she offered to help me with the wedding. This beautiful soul worked 14 hrs and wouldn’t let me pay her. We are now friends for life. We still connect with each other and I got to send her a gift for her twin baby boys.

For me these kind of experience makes Couchsurfing the way to appreciate and experience each other…..all walks of life, all cultures, all traditions. We are all ONE.

I’m happy to contribute to keep couchsurfing going!! If the contribution is too much for you think of another way to can give. There always has to be a giving and receiving to keep the flow of abundance going.

Thank you,

Charlotte 🙂


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