Ask Couchsurfing: What Can’t You Travel Without?

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What is something you can’t travel without?

Annarita from Saint-Brieuc
I always travel with my phone, a power bank and 2 sarongs; but one thing I never forget is a little electrical resistance I can use whenever I need hot water to make instant coffee. I bought it in India 9 years ago and it is still working. I used it 3 weeks ago in Morocco as I was in a hotel where there wasn’t kitchen or kettle. I need a coffee before opening my eyes!

Sydney from A Coruña
I would say at least one passport (I have 2), a pair of earplugs, a change of clothes, a crappy camera and my old but still fairly faithful MacBook Air. I actually have two MacBooks of the same model , but the one I travel with is over a decade old, so if I lose it, it gets stolen, or simply refuses to work anymore, I’ll just leave it there (wherever there happens to be!)

Anu from Chandigarh
I cannot travel anywhere without my travel bag which contains my power bank, gimble, goggles, extra memory cards for my phone camera, comb and sunblock! Ya, you can call it a manpurse…

Mike from Couchsurfing
I completely agree with a power bank because you never know when your going to be stuck on a bus for an extra 4 hours without a plug. A universal adapter is a necessity if you’re going to be in countries with various plugs. But my three luxury items for travel are:
1. A comfy sweatshirt. No matter where I am going, I always make sure I have a soft comfortable sweatshirt for those times you just want to lounge around.
2. An eye mask. I’m a super light sleeper and need complete darkness to stay asleep, so I always travel with a soft eye mask to put over my eyes when I’m asleep.
3. Ear plugs. Again, I’m such a light sleeper that I need to block out all noise in order to sleep and you never know when you’re going to be in the middle of nowhere without a pharmacy that sells them!

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