17th International Couchsurfing Day: Sierra Leone

*Happy 17th anniversary to all Couchsurfers wherever you’re in the world!!!*

This day marks the 17th anniversary of Couchsurfing. It’s the day we decided to open our doors to many, sharing our culture and our homes.
It’s the day we decided to create a unique travel platform that gives travelers the unlimited opportunities of travelling any where in the world without thinking about where to stay, who can host you or show you around.
It’s the day we decided to open the borders of everlasting friendship, meeting amazing cool people for the very first time from all over the world. Starting from the USA to South Africa.
It’s the day we decided that the travel industry has to change. It’s not about money anymore. It’s about the bond, friendship, laughter, fun, and our CS events.
It’s the day we decided that all humans are the same, black or white, brown or yellow. Whatever race, color, nationality, religion, political view or anything. As along as you’re couchsurfer we’re one family.
Today is a beautiful Day and we’re honoured. Thanks to you all for being with us throughout this years. We might have changed policies that you don’t like but because of the love of the CS community you’re still here with us.
Couchsurfing has been an amazing platform for us all. This is where you meet a total stranger and embrace them for who they truly are. 
We’re couchsurfers and we’ll forever be… spread all across the world. Sharing our lives every beautiful day 🥰

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