Updates to the Couchsurfing Events System

Thanks everyone for all your fantastic feedback so far on our Events system. Today we released a few new features!

1. Members who join a public event may now invite people to it. Check out any public event you’ve joined to see this in action.

2. Members who create a private event can allow their guests to invite other members to the event.

3. You can now move the pin on the map when creating or editing an event! If you have an existing event that you need to use this functionality on, edit the event and re-enter the address you want to use, then pick up the pin and move it wherever you’d like. The address associated with the event will be whatever you typed in.

Couchsurfing Events system

4. You can also edit or delete a message that you sent to the attendees. Editing the message will not re-send a new email, but it will be updated on the Event page.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 4.12.40 PM

We’ll continue to improve on the Events feature so if you have additional comments, fill out the form on our help page.



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