Uncle Tahar’s Hidden Travel Agency – short documentary about a couchsurfing legend

In 2013 I surfed Tahar’s couch in the capital of Tunisia. I’ve used the platform often and this was just one of my most memorable hosts.. a few years later the opportunity arose to make a short documentary about his Couchsurfing endeavors.

The hospitable senior Tahar opens his apartment in the north of Tunis for Couchsurfers from all over the world. He offers them a place to sleep, free of charge, and aims to show them the true Tunisia. Backpacker Ali from the Maldives is one of them. Eighty-year-old Tahar lives by one golden rule: take only what you need and share the rest with others. This perfectly fits the ideals of the hospitality platform, but more importantly: he really enjoys the company.

The film can be viewed here.


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