Product Update – Find the best places to go, all over the world.

Looking for the best place to grab a beer in Santiago?

One of the biggest benefits of Couchsurfing while you travel is having a local host who can share their favorite places in town. We recently added a new tab onto your profile to allow you to showcase your favorite places, both locally and from your travels. Now, you can find those recommendations for any place in the world!

We’ve added collections of Favorite places to every Explore page. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to read, the best bar to socialize in, or a hike with fantastic views, you can find it by searching with tags: “quiet”, “bars”, “hike”,  or “views”.  By viewing the map on the right, you’ll also be able to see where these places are located, to make it easy to plan out your day.

See a place listed that you’d recommend as well? Click “Add to My Favorites” to quickly add the location to your Profile.


What are you waiting for? Check out the best places to go in your hometown.

Verified members have beta access to this feature. To verify your account and see Favorites Collections first, click here.

2 thoughts on “Product Update – Find the best places to go, all over the world.

  1. Imagine how cool CS becomes if you add the ability to add the information about comfort of living to the places – cost of living, mobile internet speed and coverage, pollution, crime etc as it’s done on But you’re in the better position because CS’s community thousands times bigger.

  2. Every time I try to add a Favourite palce I get a “Something went wrong” message with the bunny under the couch…

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