Journey to my self, from Germany to Costa Rica

Beautiful good morning and hola Rita of the small article of Frank hoovers Germany for two months Costa Rica and back it’s only a short look at what happens 🙂

Most of my colleagues, acquaintances and true friends asked me “Why Costa Rica?!

The Reason is really simple: Costa invests a lot of money in forests, plants and animal conservation and by the way there’s no army and the money official will be invested in education and schools.

And a friend of mine, Alex from France, have been there for 6 months and was really excited and sent a lot of beautiful nature images.

By the way it was for me as a German with one of the most easy countries in this time to travel in.

Anyway, 2 months in Costa Rica it’s too less not to get a lot of experience and inputs inspiration and also build-up friendships between nature, country and humans but it’s too short to really deeply to change my life for the future, maybe.

For me to speak truly it was more than vacation and holiday it was more a journey to myself to think about what the meaning of my life, what is my task today beside job and flat.

I hosted a lot of couchsurfer in the last two years and I had a lot of beautiful conversations about what is the reason to live what is the reason to be a couchsurfer inclusive what is the reason to travel around the world by airplanes and take a lot of resources for this privilege lifestyle and met beautiful people maybe you will never see again.

 In this article I only want to touch slightly to express myself why I was travelling through Costa Rica.

After one year in education I realised that my head based on endless felt online- courses was like smashed inclusive the much restriction. So it was a “run away” too for me to travel abroad.

I am also looking for a new alternative life way and lifestyle because as a freelancer it’s a pressure of economic and financial circumstances in present times.

So I decided me to travel to Costa Rica to enjoy the nature, the culture and the more free sunny atmosphere but especially to get a imagination how I could get a community, maybe a family of like-minded humans together be in a way of balance and harmony and a mixture of creativity, spirituality and also work together like built small wooden houses, plant trees and flowers and make permaculture and sustainable projects.

A start from San José, I could mention, this town has a lot of potential for the future, traveled to the North West closed Santa Cruz to work there in a frame of a workawayer with horses and plants.

The people there and the nature and the atmosphere was magnifica but in the end I was the only one working there so after 2 weeks I felt really lonely.

So I decided to move over to a couchsurfer and stayed there 3 days to get experience with a big area of plants in a sustainable and ecological way and also to have feelings of “flights” because I stayed in a tent and outside in the evening and night was storm and very windy it was amazing experience like “I can fly”:)

I moved to a very haunted house in the mountains in a positive sense with an old woman and a lot of animals. They were like a family and spoke with each other in a more or less other dimensional way.

Later I traveled to the beach on Limoné and Puerto Viejo to get experience with the atmosphere and the culture of real surfer ocean- style and entertainment from people very young from everywhere especially in North America and Europe.

In this time I met a lot of beautiful humans and had beautiful conversations, especially about what is the sense of life, what is our task to do, besides to be professional and get money.

I really had a feeling something is changing and the younger generation came up because there are lots of young people to make a lot of thoughts about the protection of nature and environmental topics and also how it should go further with our economy and Society in a better way.

Then I moved to a jungle valley close by Dominica and got a lot of beautiful experiences with a bamboo course and beautiful people to try to change the world to use bamboo to make the world better with this regenerating stuff and don’t destroy a lot of trees.

The last part of my journey I stayed in Montezuma met there people they inspired me and I am inspired by them.

The last week in Costa Rica is used to write some really small books about human challenges like forgiveness, living in the present, not entering too much into the future and the past and also the universal energy of laughing and love.

In the end I would say a lot of dialogues short and long, only small talks and very deeply conversation, beautiful emotional soul and great experiences with very old threes and mystical places including the encounter with monkeys, beaches, endless views over the ocean on lonely coasts, free and endless horizon, that make you melt inside for “new views” of your life.

I will tell maybe in the coming blogs more and special about the conversation I had but in this short article I only can recommend to use the time outside of our countryside, outside of our hometown and outside of routine and permanent same people around us to get an idea of what is the meaning of to live onto this “spaceship” called mother Earth and a lot of our and “inside- planets” of wishes, feelings end emotions and inspired by different cultures and climate- and plant- zones.

 I’m sure all these inputs and inspiration and conversation and experiences I will never forget changed my point of view over my own life, over my life in the Society and especially about my goals and aims for the future.

I will do my best to travel back in the middle of this year to travel in Latein- America maybe Panama, Paraguay, Peru or Costa Rica because I like the feeling and the freedom and also the possibility to do a lot so you want.

I wish you and me all the best a lot of good ideas in our travels outside and insides of time and

let me know so you like, what do you think about what is the task in this time of journeys and traveling or you plan too to travel this year about July to Latin America!

Greetings Frank Uwe

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