International Couchsurfing Day Marathon!

Welcome to the first ever CS SURFING MARATHON, where we will take you on a world tour! For 24 hours we will be hosting zoom sessions per country/ host and sharing with you travel info, food lists, culture lists, virtual tours, music, history, language tutorials, and much more! Make sure you check the times in your own locations as this listed in CEST (Central European Summer Time) which is UTC+2!

Here’s your itinerary:

12-1AM Abbey Thangiah (Malaysia) CS Introduction, Malaysia Introduction and CS experiences
1-2AM Carlos Apple (Mexico) Uniting people (the ties created between users /travelers around the world thanks to CS)
2-3AM Sayuri/Marcio (Brasil): Cocktails + Carnivals around Brazil (forget the one Rio-destination trip, BE a Brazilian Carnival PRO!!)
3-4AM Thomas Biggs (Aotearoa/NZ): Auckland by bike
4-5AM Gabriela Velázquez (Mexico): A bit of everything?
5-6AM Orpheus Craigue (NYC, USA): Coffee Hour Around the World, and Stories
6-7AM Rhiane (Croatia): Mediterranean History!
7-8AM Sharan(India): Travel around India with a Quiz!
8-9AM Yue (China): Chinese, Beijing, tea and Couchsurfing
9-10AM Viktor Fährmann (CS: HVA, Germany): CS travel stories, Q&A about CS
10-11AM Jean Mark(Switzerland): Your BEST CS Experience Ever!
11-12AM Kelly(Greece): Hidden gems in Greece and Safety Tips for female surfers
12-13PM Julius (Manila, Philippines): Tourism, Food and Culture
13-14PM Daria (Prague, Czech Republic): Local community and events
14-15PM Ronita Vijay (India): Travel Road trips Culture Food India CS 
15-16PM Bandder Alrefai (Saudi Arabia): Country introduction, sights, food 
16-17PM Cyrina ( Tunisia): Tourism, food and culture 
17-18PM Raj (London, UK): Improvisation, Q&A
18-19PM Ray & Silvia (Indonesia): Indonesian tourism, culture and food
19-20PM Matthias (Bamberg, Germany): About the world’s highest density of breweries, Germany’s biggest intact old town center and life in general 🙂 
20-21PM Jesus (Logroño, Spain): Social relationships & Dating in Spain
21-22PM Paolo (Torino, Italy) :The 10 things you should see in Italy but you never heard about
22-23PM Youji (Halifax, Canada)Halifax: Nature, and Gardening 
23-24PM Jo_Paris (France) :Wine Tasting!

Check out the CS event for the zoom link and to get any questions answered!

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