From Kerala to Kashmir


A few months back I decided to take a tour of India on my cycle. I started in Kerala and travelled all the way to Kashmir. Over the course of my journey I explored almost all the Indian villages and their cultures and along with that I got an opportunity to interact with a lot of different people from different backgrounds. After the journey I experienced a slight change in my personality and my behaviour as I got to know other perspectives and ideas. This journey changed my perceptions and if any stereotypes or prejudices were present, they were now gone.

With the help of Couchsurfing I was able to meet a lot of people who share the same vibe as mine. Couchsurfing offered me a lot of help on my way and helped me complete my journey. The experiences and the different kind of stories that I encountered cannot be described through words it’s more than just an experience it’s a feeling it’s something big. There are a whole lot of things behind this picture that I took from Haridwar, a lot of beautiful memories and the quality time I spent with my friends.

Many people say that I am lucky but in my perspective we need that strong will to do something that we want to do. Whenever I talk to my friends about my journey they would listen so carefully and think that what I did was something impossible but to see the truth all you need to do is just take out your cycle or your vehicle, just leave your house and explore the places around you. It will have a very big effect on you and even though during this Covid 19 situation it’s not feasible to go out but by taking the necessary precautions you should go on a walk or even small trip with your friends or solo trips because that is something that we need especially during this pandemic.

We all suffer in silence. Many of us won’t be able to speak up and we wouldn’t like to share our problems but let me tell you the truth, giving yourself to nature is the best therapy that you can ever get and that too without any price to pay. You just need to have a presence of mind for being there and giving yourself into nature. You might say that I am lucky but I say that I am wilful and I don’t just dream but I convert my wishes into action.

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