Couchsurfing, A Friendship That Never Ends

2.5 years ago today, I was sent to Cebu to work away for the first time. I was kind of afraid, as much as I was excited for what was in store for me. The first few days were not really as complicated as I thought, probably because I have a friendly nature and I know how to smile, laugh, respect and appreciate everything around me. I also reminded myself that one year wouldn’t be that long, then I can go back.

Days, weeks and months went by so fast and I started to like being here, which made me decide to relocate. I’ve met new friends, started to travel around and also work very hard. That’s work life balance man!

Then I heard about Couchsurfing, I didn’t know what to expect. I started to welcome people to my home from different walks of life from all over the world. At first it was kind of difficult, as it’s easier to find surfers once you have references. But soon enough it’s overwhelming how a lot of people, day by day, message me that they’d like to stay with me.

Some of them are asking, ‘aren’t you afraid that these people might be dangerous and can harm you?’ Well, I’m just not afraid of something that I don’t know will happen. If they’re thinking something bad then it’s not my problem anymore. All I know is– my intentions are pure, I will help as much as I can, let them experience how the Filipino people live– the values, the culture and show them kindness.

In the beginning I was really emotional, sad, even cried whenever they would leave and I missed them. Then I realized that the happy times together are memories created that will never fade. The bonds of friendship will be there no matter where on earth we might be. I learned to be more patient, understanding, loving, caring and a lot more. It’s amazing how this experience changed my life. From being ‘Norms’ to ‘Cebuanorms’ and dozens of other nicknames I got from these lovely people, it’s just great and fantastic!

I might be leaving Cebu, so Cebu will be losing it’s best friend/host in town. But for sure I will meet the world again whenever I set foot to a new place. This whole experience is not just about hosting people, for me it’s more of a bond as family. I have mixed emotions leaving this place. I don’t feel sad, I don’t know, I will miss my friends, but I feel happy, satisfied. Maybe because as a person I am fulfilled by what I’m supposed to do here, that’s why I’m excited for what the future holds for me. Everything is temporary so instead of making a fuss about something, just appreciate, help, respect and love one another for the world to be a better place. Just enjoy and live life, for this is what it’s meant to be.

Thank you. Love you all and see you as I continue this journey in my next destination.

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