Ask Couchsurfing: Solo Traveling

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I’m going on my first solo trip soon. Any tips for solo travelers?

Carly from Memphis:
Solo travel can be amazing! I would recommend staying in hostels for some of the trip, especially hostels that host potlucks, happy hours, or group tours. Also using Couchsurfing meetups and hangouts is a great way to meet other solo travelers and explore the new area together. You can also check out what local tips are on Couchsurfing, and some locals will meet up just for a drink or give you suggestions for their city even if they can’t host you.

Henri from Brussels:
Plan your trip – if you want to meet people on CS, make it a day more than strictly necessary, and with some flexibility. Book a hostel you can cancel last minute. Create public trips and send out messages to hosts with a high response rate.

Liana from Bend:
Always have a backup plan, in case a host has an emergency and cannot host suddenly. Communicate with your host letting them know what time you will arrive, and give updates the day of arrival letting them know you are on schedule (or not).

Couchsurfing Mike: Well not to repeat the Ambassadors, but use Couchsurfing! So many Couchsurfers know what it’s like to travel solo. CS is all about connection, so surfing or attending events/hangouts will be a great way to meet people. Outside of CS my biggest advice is START THE CONVERSATION. I have made some of my closest friends in hostels where I just turned to them and introduced myself. Next thing you know we’re exploring Myanmar together and a year later I stay with her for 2 weeks in Brighton. Go to a bar or cafe alone and say hi to the person sitting next to you; or compliment a stranger’s shoes or hair or t-shirt. It is super nerve-racking to start talking to a complete stranger but just try it and see what happens. Worst case, you never see that person again. Best case, you just met your new best friend and your life is never going to be the same. So start the conversation.

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