10 Questions with a CS Ambassador: Nadia

Name: Nadia
City: Saarbrücken
Years on CS: 10

Hey Nadia, so how did you first hear about Couchsurfing?

I was doing research for my first solo trip – 1 year Australia – and read about it in a blog.

And why did you decide to get involved?

I was traveling – had forgotten that I had signed up months earlier – and met some people who told me about it, so I used CS from then on.

What was your first experience on CS?

I was Couchsurfing in Australia and my host took me around the area, brought me to local spots to watch hundreds of kangaroos. Then we met up with his friends. It was a less known city and he had reached out to me incase I would pass by on my way – I decided to stop for a few days.

Nadia’s trip in Canberra

Amazing. And why did you decide to become an Ambassador?

After returning from my trip I started organizing many events on my city and was eager to help other travelers out. Kind of payback for the generosity I received while traveling.

What has been your most memorable hosting experience?

It was a spontaneous  last minute host. At the weekly meeting I organized was a group of 4 guys left as their car had broken down. So I took them back to my place. Since I was living in a rather small apartment at the time without that many sleeping options I just gave the apartment to them and went to sleep at my moms place. When I returned in the morning they had made breakfast for me.

That’s a great story! What about as a surfer?

It was one my first experiences. I was hosted in a house of friends that had other couchsurfers staying as well as some local friends. There were always more than 10 people around – not necessarily the same ones each day – and at night you would just pick whichever sleeping spot is empty (floor space , couch, room etc.)

Sounds fun! What is the best gift you’ve received?

A written poem and from another a hand drawn picture.

Personal gifts are always the best! What book has inspired you?

I haven’t been inspired by a book. I do love reading books though – one I recently read reassures my chosen lifestyle: The Why Cafe

I’ll look it up! Do you have a favorite quote?

Not all who wander are lost.

Great quote! Lastly, what is your piece of advice to new Couchsurfers?

Meet up with some Couchsurfers in your area to get some references.

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