We are always working to make Couchsurfing a better place for you to find hosts, surfers and events.

Here’s what we’re focused on right now:

New Dashboard

Our next release will de-emphasize Place Pages, instead bringing users to a new dashboard as their “home” screen. The dashboard will allow you to quickly and easily see:

  • Your hosting and surfing status – all pending requests and upcoming surf and host commitments.
  • Upcoming events – see your invitations, events you’re attending and other events of interest.

 Couchsurfing New Dashboard

Many of you have asked for it, and we hope you’re going to find it useful! It will be a much easier experience for new users to navigate, as well.


Site outages and slow site response times are extremely inconvenient for our members, the site is inaccessible too often. Speed and stability will be the web team’s main focus in the coming months, rather than new features.

New Mobile App

While we focus on website stability and reliability, we will put our “new feature” efforts into the mobile side of the Couchsurfing service. Early next year, there will be better apps for iOS and Android devices that make mobile Couchsurfing easier to use.




  1. Is there any way to contact company to be taken off couchsurfing? I had an experience that didn’t sit right with me and have not found a way to be removed.

    1. We’re truly sorry to hear that! If you are aware of any abuse, please consider submitting a confidential report to our Trust and Safety Team here: bit.ly/1fztHQP. Your report may help make the community safer.

      As per your removal request, you may contact Support here: bit.ly/1c35fmt.

  2. So, the renewed Dashboard is live since a few weeks. It has many differences with the screen shot. An actual calendar would be useful to manage surfers/hosts reservations and events. The “Logged in near” would actually be better than the “your local places page” which is already mentioned in my personal info box on the top left (but definitely needs more emphasis).

  3. It’s a bit unclear from these screenshots what the details are here, but I hope someday CS recognizes that people are forging lasting relationships on the site, not just temporary host/guest relationships, and often they are forced to move to Facebook to continue those relationships because CS doesn’t provide good mechanisms like status updates or a Facebook-style wall where you can see where your Couchsurfing friends are and what they are up to day to day. This more than anything would bring more traffic to the site because people would come back every day to reload and see what their CS friends are up to the way they reload Facebook constantly, not just when they are traveling or hosting. A personal wall like what is pictured here is a good start, but a simple way for people to post what they’re up to so their friends can see would go a long way.

    1. Yes, Place Pages will still exist. However, the new home page will get most of the attention as it will be the new home screen!

    2. Yes, Place Pages will still exist. However, the new “home” screen will get most of the attention.