Where are you celebrating International Couchsurfing Day on June 12?


On June 12, 2004, the Couchsurfing website launched with the goal of connecting travelers to a global network of people willing to open up their homes and share their lives with strangers. Since its beginning, Couchsurfing has touched the lives of over 12 million people in over 200,000 cities and in all seven continents. At Couchsurfing HQ, we’re in awe of the extraordinary generosity we see every day throughout the world.


On June 12, we’re celebrating 12 years of openness, sharing, and hospitality. If you can’t make it to our celebration in San Francisco on June 11, there are Couchsurfing events happening all over the world that weekend. Check out the list below to find a Couchsurfing event near you!

Don’t see your event on the list? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list! Can’t find one nearby? Don’t let that stop you from celebrating! Organize an event today, and be sure to share pictures on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #internationalcsday2016.



Czech Republic




Hong Kong















United Kingdom

United States 






5 Replies to “Where are you celebrating International Couchsurfing Day on June 12?”

  1. Taking that into account, Couchsurfing is a behemoth. It s a network of interesting people doing remarkable things with their lives. You may not agree with every organizational decision but you can be confident of visiting almost any country in the world and meeting awesome people there effortlessly. And that s certainly reason to celebrate. Even if you re celebrating it on the wrong day!

  2. Couchsurfing is a neologism referring to the practice of moving from one friend’s house to another, sleeping in whatever spare space is available, floor or couch , generally staying a few days before moving on to the next house. The term pre-existed the website in vernacular usage; for example, “Couch Surfer” was the title of a song by Bran Vanwritten in the .

  3. Today I got an e-mail about Couchsurfing’s birthday.

    The e-mail, very much like this blog post, mentions ‘a global network’, ‘200,000 cities across the globe’, ‘all over the world’.

    So I open the link to the CS gear webshop and see that everything is in feet and inches only. Only payment method is credit card (not so common outside US). Shipping anywhere outside US is very expensive.

    If you want this to be a world wide community, perhaps you should make some effort to not make it so extremely US centered.

  4. Aqui, in Portland, Oregon, a beautiful city framed by Mt St Helens, to the north; Mt. Hood, to the east; the Willamette valley (full of fruits & berries) to the south; and the Pacific coast, to the west.

    Come journey here for our great lite rail system and many well-known waterfalls, such as Multnomah, and many lesser ones on both sides of the Columbia River Gorge.

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