What’s Changed & What’s Next? Language, Inbox, Calendar

We’ll be making changes and additions to Couchsurfing more or less daily. Here are some of the things we’ve added or changed in the past few weeks.

  • Calendar connections – add travel and event information to your calendar of choice. You can choose to sync individual events or all of your Couchsurfing activity with Google, iCal or Outlook.


  • Localization/translation – you can now use the service in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Italian, Portuguese or English. We’ll add more languages and refine translations over time.
  • Other small but oft-requested changes – you can now edit your hosting status from the dashboard, see your upcoming guests in order of who’s coming to stay soonest, and messages are listed by most recent interaction

There’s much more to come – gathering input from Couchsurfing members helps us prioritize what we build each week and helps us understand what you need as we continue to develop the service. We also watch our analytics carefully to see what is and isn’t working on a macro scale.

Some of what we’re working on now:

  • An better inbox with filters, message templates, the ability to archive messages and(eventually) search. And a better window to type in. We hear you on that one – and apologize.
  • Events features  – we’ll be sending out digest emails of upcoming events, providing a way to feature events and better showcasing of featured events. And yes, there’s a lot more to do with Events.
  • Search refinements – we’ve seen a stable number of Couchrequests being sent since launch, but they are going to fewer hosts, overall. And there are a variety of other issues with search that we’re working to address.
  • Saved profiles are returning – we’ve stored all the profile information that Couchsurfing members had bookmarked in contacts lists, and it’s coming back soon in a new format.

You can submit your suggestions and feature requests here. The best way to report specific issues or bugs is to write to support. You can explore elsewhere on the blog for a big-picture roundup of what’s changed at Couchsurfing and what will be coming next.

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