Wanderlust or Genetics: Are You Born to Travel?


There seem to be some people that have an inherent need to hit the road, while others aren’t all of that mesmerized by the opportunity to cross seas and experience new cultures. It’s as if we’re not all programmed the same way.

New research suggests that there is a gene specific to “wanderers,” making them more motivated than the average to pile possessions on their back, heading into the unknown with wide-eyed curiosity and the zeal of wonderment.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent Elite Daily article:

“As told on one psychology blog, the inherent urge to travel can be traced back to one gene, which is a genetic derivative of the gene DRD4, which is associated with the dopamine levels in the brain.

The gene itself, which is identified as DRD4-7R, has been dubbed the “wanderlust gene,” because of its correlation with increased levels of curiosity and restlessness, for the most part.”

The study suggests that those with the DRD4-7R gene are  “more likely to take risks; explore new places, ideas, foods, relationships…” describing people who typically possess this gene as those who, “generally embrace movement, change, and adventure.”

What do you think? Wanderlust, genetics, or perhaps a combination of both?


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