Travel Tales: The Kindness of Strangers

There’s nothing like being on the road and having a complete stranger turn your day around or better yet—change your worldview. The world is a big place, with infinite destinations and myriad of cultures and peoples;  traveling solo for long periods of time can make you feel at times lost and lonely but it only takes one moment of connection to feel energized and inspired.

Last month, we asked you to tell us about a time when a stranger helped you out while traveling. Here’s what you said:

Michael Paramore, @1paramore1world
“Too many times to count! But I’m reminded of a Taiwanese couple who spoke no English that gave me and three other CS mates a ride down from a mountain outside Taipei back to my flat downtown. All they asked for in return was a selfie with the four of us. There is kindness everywhere.”

Hope Global, @h0p3gl0bal
“Too many times for a short tweet. Many strangers that stopped being strangers. Among them all, just let me spend few words about two women—a mom and daughter—both with cognitive issues, that bought me a meal on a plane. Will never forget them, hope life treats them well.”

Vaughan, @Vaughan84370282
“Got stuck on a surf mission in Sumbawa and had to cross a big ditch on a scooter; an old local man carrying a big sack of rice helped me make a bridge, and then I doubled back to his village with him on the back of the scooter, very cool guy.”

Latitude Legends, @latitudelegends
“Caught a ride from this nice stranger in #Ghana on a long walk to get food from the market.”

Eric Black, @eric_black3
“Hitchhiking in Hawaii (Maui or Kauai, can’t remember): Born again Christians picked me up and brought me to their house where there was a huge cookout already planned. It was awesome.”

Duarte Valente, @DuarteValente09
“I was in a local bus in Lviv towards the coach bus station. I wasn’t sure which stop was mine but this old Ukrainian man seated next to me started to point towards a building outside and to my backpack. Saved me from losing my bus, as I was late already.”

Akina Chargualaf, @_akinamarie
“I was in Greece when there was a strike and not understanding the language, exited the train confused. An adorable grandmother waved my friend and I over to follow her and the huge crowd. She didn’t say a word but took us to our port, waved us goodbye, and went on her way.”

Dr.Vaidehi Shukla, @vaidehie_k
“I was in Shimla, HP for a month and one late dark evening was walking to hostel. A stranger stopped for me and dropped me home safely, though I didn’t asked help.”

Do you have a story to add about a time when a stranger extended a hand while you were traveling? Let us know in the comments below!

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