Say Hello to Community Manager, Massimo Bennardo

We’re so excited to welcome long-time member Massimo Bennardo to the Couchsurfing team. Massimo joins us as a Community Manager, where he’ll work with the rest of the Community team to develop a strong connection between HQ and our members. We’ll let him introduce himself; please join us in wishing him a warm welcome (that’s what the comments are for!).

I come from Sicily, a place where hospitality is sacred, almost a law.

Since before Couchsurfing even existed I have always traveled on a low budget, meeting new people and accepting their generous hospitality.

When I found out about Couchsurfing in 2007 I was living alone in enormous Tuscan villa on top of a hill surrounded by olive trees.

Tuscan Hilltops


Couchsurfing was perfect for me: meeting people from all over the world, sharing my home, my passions and the prospect of traveling freely.

So I started hosting many people, sometimes up to ten at a time! After a few months I attended my first International Couchsurfing meeting, Midsummer Night in Latvia, where I met some of my best friends:

  • Baiba, who lives in Australia. I introduced her to her partner and am now godfather to her daughter
  • Florian, my little brother. He and I have visited sixteen different countries together.
  • Filippo, from Sicily. He is now married and has a beautiful little boy who has already traveled to Norway, China and Iran.

Since then I have dedicated the majority of my time to being a hyper-active Couchsurfer.

Massimo hosting four cyclists and their bicycles

When the CEO, Tony, contacted me with the opportunity of actually working for Couchsurfing, I thought I was dreaming!

I accepted immediately. Being part of the Couchsurfing crew is the completion of 6 years of dedication to the project. I can finally help improve this wonderful tool we have and continue my Couchsurfing life through traveling, hosting, surfing and meeting great people!



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