We’re so excited to welcome long-time member Massimo Bennardo to the Couchsurfing team. Massimo joins us as a Community Manager, where he’ll work with the rest of the Community team to develop a strong connection between HQ and our members. We’ll let him introduce himself; please join us in wishing him a warm welcome (that’s what the comments are for!).

I come from Sicily, a place where hospitality is sacred, almost a law.

Since before Couchsurfing even existed I have always traveled on a low budget, meeting new people and accepting their generous hospitality.

When I found out about Couchsurfing in 2007 I was living alone in enormous Tuscan villa on top of a hill surrounded by olive trees.

Tuscan Hilltops


Couchsurfing was perfect for me: meeting people from all over the world, sharing my home, my passions and the prospect of traveling freely.

So I started hosting many people, sometimes up to ten at a time! After a few months I attended my first International Couchsurfing meeting, Midsummer Night in Latvia, where I met some of my best friends:

  • Baiba, who lives in Australia. I introduced her to her partner and am now godfather to her daughter
  • Florian, my little brother. He and I have visited sixteen different countries together.
  • Filippo, from Sicily. He is now married and has a beautiful little boy who has already traveled to Norway, China and Iran.

Since then I have dedicated the majority of my time to being a hyper-active Couchsurfer.

Massimo hosting four cyclists and their bicycles

When the CEO, Tony, contacted me with the opportunity of actually working for Couchsurfing, I thought I was dreaming!

I accepted immediately. Being part of the Couchsurfing crew is the completion of 6 years of dedication to the project. I can finally help improve this wonderful tool we have and continue my Couchsurfing life through traveling, hosting, surfing and meeting great people!



  1. Better late than never from Nairobi Kenya Congrats brother and thanks to couchsurfers team for having considered you after 6 years.Keep the spirit and live to be a great leader.

  2. I am tour guide in Ferrara, two kids growing up fast (14 years old and 10), nine cats but no more tourists because of crisis. Could I join the team too? I miss travelling..and being sociable tooo!!

  3. All the best, a lot of work is waitin for you ! bring us back the couchmap, bring us back the good old spirit !

    1. Nope, not in the least! We have a very mixed office. Our Director of Business Development hosts the monthly meetings in San Francisco. Our Social Media Manager (hi!) has been an active surfer for three years and hosts regularly. Our Community Manager has been a host, surfer and active event organizer since 2007. All members of our Trust & Safety team are “out in the wild” every day, surfing, hosting, event organizing, etc. And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

      Clearly we need to do a better job showing off how active our team is! That said, we’re really excited to have Massimo on board, as he’s such a long-time and respected member of the community. Of that there is no doubt.

      1. Interesting phrasing.

        So you deny that the majority of members of the CS staff only joined CS when they were in the process of applying for a job with CS? That their real “involvement”, unlike Massimo, began with their work contract and pay checks?

        PS. There have been so many people who have left CS that it is difficult to know who is still working there and who is not in the process of leaving now. Is there an up-to-date list that includes their CS names and hiring date?

      2. SOS!!! Hello.
        I left negative feedback for somebody. the CS support removed my feedback as they said the person reported me as Abuse before. she borrow my bike from CS and crashed and never bring back and i sue her is court. the CS removed my 6-7 years profile in 2th day and i asked them 7th time to connect me with support supervisor/ manager… and they did not respond. i made my second profile and found Mr. Massimo and he he told me in Monday he will respond. but today is Monday and as i check the removed my 2th Profile also?!! wondering what happen is there? tpo be right or to be stubborn?!
        i need my emails between she and me in my CS for my court that i don’t have access to it any more. in other way other friend’s who was involve in she harm him also left negative feedback that the support remove it also with out any warning or explain.
        please some body help me to contact right person in CS.
        appreciated in advanced.

  4. Waouh such a nice news ! I’m so happy for you ! Spero ancora vederti in qualche parte del mondo ! Conservi questo bello spirito umano che hai !

  5. congrats! considering his passion and commitment for couch surfing , no doubts Max is the right man for this job!

  6. congrats! considering this passion and committment for couchsurfing , Max is the right man for this job

  7. Congratulations Massimo! I am sure you will help CS move in the right direction! See you around!

  8. Je te souhaite tout le succès du monde et je suis confiante pour ça ! bonne route mon ami 🙂

  9. Massimo is perfect for this job ! Congratulations mate ! Good luck for this brand new life in San Francisco 😉

  10. Well well well, look at him! You bloody bastard, that’s why you were leaving your job in Prague! 😀
    Anyway, congratulations, I hope to see you in Milan in September for the party 😉 (always at Kojo’s place)