Product Update: Make a new friend with Couchsurfing Hangouts!



It’s 5 o’clock on a Friday. You’re ready for an adventure, but you’ve made no plans. Or maybe you’re traveling and have a few hours to kill. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was someone who wanted to explore the city with you?

Say goodbye to boredom, and hello to Couchsurfing Hangouts! Easily connect with people nearby that are ready to hang out. Whether you’re traveling, hosting, or just getting started, Hangouts is an awesome new way to meet other members of the Couchsurfing community.

We know traveling is more about the bonds you make than the photos you take. It’s about finding a common language, even if you live halfway across the world. But it can be hard to make plans to meet a new friend due to complicated travel schedules, busy lives, and constantly changing plans. With Couchsurfing Hangouts, you can find travelers and locals who also want to hang out right now – no planning required.

Once you set yourself as available, you’ll be able to browse other travelers and locals nearby who want to hangout as well. You can let people know what you feel like doing, or browse other existing hangouts to see if something sparks your interest. When you see a hangout you’d like to join, just click “Let’s Hangout”, wait for them to confirm, and start making plans.

Just download the Couchsurfing mobile app – Hangouts is right on the Dashboard. What are you waiting for? Go make a new friend. 

3 thoughts on “Product Update: Make a new friend with Couchsurfing Hangouts!

  1. If you aren’t making many friends try sitting at different tables for lunch or join different sporting activities. Talk to as many people as possible to find out their interests and find common ground. Always be willing to try new things and live outside your comfort zone.

  2. How about the map search feature? When is this coming back? It is one of the features my CS community and I talk the most about missing. It made the search feature on CS basically useless if you want to stay at a very particular place in a city/in the countryside.

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