Product Update: Local Advice

The Couchsurfing community is a treasure trove of people who understand the challenges of traveling and are passionate about their hometown – who better to ask for advice? From transportation tips to the best place to buy tickets, you’ll soon be able to find advice easily on Couchsurfing.

The concept of Local Advice is simple: ask a question, get an answer. We’ve included several features to ensure you receive the most accurate and up-to-date Advice as quickly as possible:

Search for Advice

Don’t wait for answers if someone else has already asked it. You’ll now be able to easily search the Local Advice page for questions with great answers.

Follow Questions

See a question you’re curious about? Simply follow that question to receive updates as locals respond and give their own advice.

Attach Locations

You’ll be able to write more helpful responses with the ability to tag a location, such as a restaurant or a landmark, to your response. Other members can easily click to find it on Google Maps.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.25.21 PM

Comment on Responses

Have something to add to someone else’s response? Now, you’ll be able to comment on their response to add your own related advice, or ask a follow-up question.

Upvote Responses

When you find a particularly good response, help others easily find the same great advice by upvoting it. With constant feedback from both travelers and locals, you can trust that the advice you are receiving is up-to-date and accurate.

Not only will you be able to receive advice for your next travel destination, you could learn something new about your own hometown. If you see another question you know the answer to, pay it forward and help your fellow Couchsurfer out with some Advice!

3 thoughts on “Product Update: Local Advice

  1. When will this go live? I live in Oslo but am curious for when it will be generally implemented as well. I’m looking at the ‘local advice’ section of my city now but don’t have the ability to upvote. I didn’t really use the Wiki so this looks like a good start to replace its functions.


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