International Couchsurfing Day, June 12 2014!

On June 12th, we celebrated International Couchsurfing Day. Ever since its beginnning, Couchsurfing has touched the lives of over eight million people across the world. Last week many of us came together to celebrate 15 years of an incredible community.

Here at the Couchsurfing Headquarters, International Couchsurfing Day was a huge success!

Sharing travel stories with Couchsurfers from all the corners of the world. 

With face painting, bubbles, jump rope, Savourie Streets food truck, the way cool Gillibus parked outside, the Photomatica photo booth, and live performances from They Run By Night and our in-house DJ Deaf Child, we celebrated years of Couchsurfing in style!

Jen and Casey at International Couchsurfing Day

Couchsurfers at International Couchsurfing DayTwo future Couchsurfers at Intl CS Day

Founder Casey with Jen,  four happy Couchsurfers, and our two youngest guests!

Find and download all the photo booth pictures of International Couchsurfing Day on Photomatica’s website here. View the complete photo album on our Facebook page.

Couchsurfers & photographer Dustin Cantrell made sure to capture the magic of the event. (Dustin also takes amazing portraits of Couchsurfers).

Gillibus inside

Couchsurfers enjoy a bite from our food trucks inside the Gillibus.

Couchsurfers from around the globe celebrated the day with their own special events. Check out this wonderful birthday cake the Indonesian Couchsurfing community prepared!

Couchsurfing Birthday Cake

Couchsurfers in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, celebrated with this beautiful cake!

Over 200 Couchsurfers, including the founders Casey and Dan, attended the event and had a fantastic time sharing stories and smiles:

“I loved the vibe at the party. It was so awesome to see the presence of and the enthusiasm for the game “Hammerschlagen” – such a delightfully ridiculous game – and the fact that people were blowing bubbles and jumping rope in the middle of the office without a care in the world. This quirkiness, authenticity, innocence, and spirit of fun are all hallmarks of true CS culture in both community and staff and I found it inspiring and heartening to see them so present and celebrated last night.” – Dan, Co-Founder of Couchsurfing

“Thanks for hosting this event! CS has certainly brought a lot of wonderful moments into my life.” –David, Couchsurfer

Thanks to everyone who traveled from near and far to be here for International Couchsurfing Day. Make sure to mark June 12 on your calendars for next year. We’re sure to have an even bigger birthday party then!



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