How to Couchsurf in Oslo

Back to Social set out to challenge the notion that Norwegians are cold and unfriendly by choosing a host at random from the streets of Oslo, and having them host a stranger through Couchsurfing. They planned 48 hours full of activities for two lucky surfers and the local host who had never used Couchsurfing before.

Ida’s gorgeous apartment, who wouldn’t want to stay here!

After searching the streets of Oslo, the guys of Back to Social found Ida, lounging in a park with a friend, and after an introduction to Couchsurfing – she agreed to take part in their activity. After checking out her apartment, which is gorgeous, they were off to find the surfers.

We helped post the project for Back to Social and they received a ton of self-nominations from Couchsurfer’s and eventually chose Doni and Manoj as the lucky guests to enjoy 48 hours with Ida.

The 48 hours were packed with cool activities, like Taco Fridays (which I had no idea was a thing in Oslo!), scooter rides through the city, a simulated flight chamber and an ice bath! The experience was clearly incredible for all of them.

When asked what it was like hosting these random strangers, Ida replied: ‘it didn’t feel weird. The weirdest thing is that mess-all thing in my face (referring to the camera filming the whole experience!) We hope Idea decides to host again, she seems like a natural!

Thank you Ida, Doni, Manoj and the guys of Back to Social for sharing your lives with us!

Check out the video here!

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