17 Ways Couchsurfers Show Gratitude

Recently, we asked Couchsurfers how they thank their hosts and the responses were nothing short of inspiring. Since Couchsurfing is based on generosity and cultural exchange (no money ever changes hands between surfers and hosts), people find unique and meaningful ways to say thank you.

Need ideas on how to show your Couchsurfing host gratitude?

Here are some of our favorites:

“A big hug!”
Evelyn K.

“I just bought mine some toilet paper. She was overjoyed!”
– Rachel K.

“We almost always cook an Indonesian dish, if time permits.”
– Michael D.

“We write Chinese Calligraphy to our host!”
– Pan P.

“Host them back??”
– Hani I.

“I gave one of this to each host, is nice to know they are all around Europe now.”
– Shatan B.

“I show my magic trick to my host and if they want to learn the trick, I teaching them.”
– Yacho K.

“Meaningful candle: Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much and Dream Always.”
– Paula K.

“I’ve cooked several times my favorite special food from south of Germany everywhere in the world it’s called Spätzle.”
– Gabriel S.

“I always have a gift for my hosts, I try to give something they will like, you can tell a lot about a person from their profile or when you stay with them, i like to keep it personal and not something I’ve bought ten of.”
– Alana W.

“Give them some chilean postcard/souvenir and cook something for them.”
– Ambrosio C.

“I make hot pepper popcorn.”
Bonnie C.

“We left notes, I illustrated them and my boyfriend wrote a nice verse or a poem about our stay, or anything nice that we wanted to say to our wonderful hosts.”
– Anni C.

“Polish Vodka..!”
– Thom P.

“My favorite way to thank my Couchsurfing host is to host them at Burningman in return! I’ve done this for two hosts from Europe so far and it’s extremely gratifying to share that experience together.”
– Colleen S.

– Erdem K.



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