Featured Ambassador: Nadia from Saarbrücken, Germany



Name: Nadia Curcio
Location: Saarbrücken, Germany
Countries visited: 31



It is estimated that approximately 80,000 hopeful backpackers enter Australia on a Working Holiday visa each year. In 2009 Nadia joined the ranks of Australian Working Holiday Makers and enjoyed a full year of Couchsurfing Down Under.

Nadia had read up on Couchsurfing when she initially began to plan for her big year abroad. “I signed up for it before I left [Germany] but kind of forgot about it. Then a few months into my travel I was reminded of Couchsurfing and tried it and loved it.”

Nadia got involved in the Sydney Couchsurfing community while spending four months there, attending events, meetings and organizing trips. From then on she considered her new friends to be her second family. She formed life-long bonds and gained countless travel-buddies.

At the end of 2010 Nadia returned home to Germany and felt inspired to start hosting; “I really wanted to pay back all the great experiences I had as a surfer.”

“I loved traveling Australia so much that I never stopped traveling afterward.”

Her time spent in Australia inspired Nadia to keep moving. She has traveled to many other places around Europe, Asia and the Americas, with extended stays in Australia, Mexico, Spain and the United States. Today she works as a freelancer, giving her the freedom to work from anywhere, continue traveling and attending Couchsurfing events all over the globe. Nadia recalls a recent trip to Malaysia where she spent two months with a fantastic crew of surfers who all bonded over common love of travel.

The CS Malaysia Crew

While home in Saarbrücken, Germany, Nadia keeps herself busy with her involvement in many areas of the Couchsurfing community. She organizes the weekly meetings and spreads the word about Couchsurfing at language exchanges and Universities. While on the road, Nadia manages to stay involved by heading up the online promotional efforts, messaging nearby travelers and contacting foreign University students.

“In summer I usually have a big potluck at my parents house. I regularly visit our [neighboring] cities’ monthly potluck and offer rides for the Couchsurfers from my town.”

CS Thanksgiving at Nadias house in 2011

When Nadia isn’t traveling she mainly accepts last minute requests from people who haven’t found a host yet.

“When I host I usually show them around town, take them to the local bakery and tell my guests about German lifestyle and the countryside. Then I take them to CS events in the city and introduce them to other Couchsurfers and friends.”


Couchsurfing Saarbrücken dinner meet-up.

From her introduction to Couchsurfing in Australia, to her commitment to spreading the word wherever she goes, Nadia has set a wonderful example of what it means to be a Couchsurfing Ambassador. Nadia is certain that Couchsurfing has made a positive impact on her life as she continues to learn and grow from her experiences.

“Couchsurfing makes me trust strangers a lot more easily and it’s nice to be able to meet like-minded people. Through Couchsurfing one can see that the world is a nice place and most people are good.”

Couchsurfing Mexico City.



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