Couchsurfing: there’s an app for that!

Nearly two years ago, the Couchsurfing team built mobile applications (for iOS and Android platforms) supporting the basic functions of the service. This week marks the first of many product announcements we’ll have this year – we’ve got new apps!

Download the newest version of the Couchsurfing app here:

Google Play Store Button


What’s new?

The new apps support searching for and joining Couchsurfing Events, and allow members to find hosts, exchange messages, and interact via the couch request system. There are many other new features, too, including photo uploads and notifications.

We’ll ship regular fixes and updates, so the apps will get better over time – they are still talking to a relatively old back-end, so at places they’re a bit quirky. We’ll be fixing that later this year.*

Android Beta App Events

Very special thanks to our early Beta Testers:

Ashley, Barbora, Beau, Gerrit, Isabel, Nolan, Tino, Valerija, Yuki, Zach, Gonzalo, Celia, Remy, Jazmina, Daniel, Kira, Geoffrey, Alfonso, Ciro, Dave, Jørgen, Roy, Santiago, Pedram, Claus, Don, Elena, Eliza, Stefano, Andreia, Sara, Ellyse, Jorge, Nicola, Filippo, Gilles, Marga, David, Mariana, Gianna, Jordan, Giampiero, and Jorge.

Happy summer travels, everyone!

*Note: If you’re one of our wonderful active hosts who relies on the mobile app to search for travelers near you, we’ve removed that particular feature from this version of the mobile apps. It will appear in an upcoming release in an improved form that we believe will better serve the entire community.

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