Feedback from the Couchsurfing community is always a critical part of our process as we make changes (and hopefully improvements) to the website and mobile apps. Every time we work on a major change, we involve members. Whether it’s bringing Couchsurfers into the office to review early designs or forming a full beta panel to test around the world, community input is part of our process from start to finish.

And we need your help!Beta testing Couchsurfing

Right now, we’re rebuilding Couchsurfing’s technology (more on that soon), and we’re taking feedback, making changes and fixing bugs on the new site and mobile apps. We want every feature road-tested by many Couchsurfers before we roll it out. Your feedback directly and consistently informs what we build and how we prioritize.

We’re gradually adding to a “beta panel” of Couchsurfing members who test changes to the Couchsurfing website and mobile apps – if you’re interested in taking an advance look and providing feedback, you can sign up here. We’ll get in touch with you directly as we continue to add beta testers.

We all share the same goal: making Couchsurfing better. Working together, we’re making that happen!

– Jen



  1. Jen, I just found your post 1st Oct on Ambassadors public. Perhaps that could be added to this blog.

  2. The couchsearch system desperately needs attention too. The extra steps add nothing, in fact, detract from the experience, and the pushing of people into using open couch requests is also harmful because open couch requests are not being removed when people find couches, wasting the time of hosts who offer.

  3. I just signed up for the beta panel. Originally came here looking for some where to report several issues in the site + current iOS version. Perhaps those are all resolved in the update. I work in product development, so it’s a constant tick for me to see these issues, I want to help! 🙂