Announcing our new CEO

Dear CouchSurfers,

It’s been a crazy eight years since CouchSurfing launched. The community has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Throughout all of it, our job — and the job of the CouchSurfing team as a whole — has been to build systems that help you connect with the people you want to meet, as easily, safely, and engagingly as possible.

We’re proud of everything that we’ve accomplished, but we know we could be doing an even better job. That’s why we recently hired a new CEO, Tony Espinoza.

The process of hiring for this position was involved and thoughtful. It was crucial to us to find someone who really understood CouchSurfing, our mission, and our community. We also needed someone with the technical knowledge and experience to bring the CouchSurfing website to a whole new level of quality and functionality. Tony stood out from the many people that we interviewed because he exhibits all of those traits.

In the coming weeks, you’ll begin seeing some of his vision for the website and how we can better serve you, our community. We’ll be sharing more information as we work. But for now, we wanted you to have the chance to “meet” Tony and see why we chose him for this important job.

Best wishes,

Casey Fenton
Daniel Hoffer
CouchSurfing Co-Founders

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