A Couchsurfer’s guide to… Kosice

Best Breakfast in town
I would recommend to visit the shopping mall AUPARK in city centre. On the second floor there are a couple of food carts, eat-as-much you want restaurants and cosy cafes!

Best place to grab a drink!
The main street is pretty short so one can find several fresh fruit cocktail bars or popular summer garden places for frappé or lemonade. Within the city centre (between Kovacska and Mäsiarska streets) there are several various places (coffee bars, beer houses, even Port wine bar or real Italian coffee, chocolate coffees). For beer lovers the Red Nose, Dobre casy, Smelly cat and Corbus are the recommended pubs.

Historic center of Kosice by Roxana Bashyrova/shutterstock

Cute cafe!
Cafe Trieste in Ursulinska street. This is where I take my guests. A cappuccino for 1,15 EUR.

One museum not to miss
Definitely the Executioner’s Flat in the East Slovak Museum. It has nice video about history in several languages, dark dungeons and several interesting artifacts.

East Slovak Museum By Ungvari Attila/shutterstock

Best day trip out of town!
I would recommend to hike 3 hours from Cermel or Bankov or Jahodna to lajoska cottage where you can have a nice soup and cold beer. During the summer it is also a good bike trip and during winter it is an excellent long distance ski trail. Another hike is to Vysoký vrch (over Hresna hill above zoo) with nice stay in start/ziel cottage for hot meal and excellent plum scented non-alcoholic beer!

Best view in the city!
From three sightseeing towers – the Cathedral north tower (1,5 EUR), The official sightseeing tower over Podhradova hill combined with castle ruin (1,5 EUR) and the adrenalin abandoned Magnesite ore transport tower over Cermel valley (only for adventure hearted and “immortal” souls )

View from the Cathedral by Uhryn Larysa/shutterstock

Where to try the local cuisine!
One of the best “cottage cheese with nokkies and bacon” is in Salas near entrance to Barca from KVP city ward. Moderate quality place is “Haluskaren” near the cathedral in the very center. Visit Lamparen restaurant during “Autumn Duck and Goose days or Villa Regia near market place in Dominikan Square.

Family fun!
Definitely the zoo combined with Dino park. Last time I was there, there were dino eggs falling from the sky!

Dino park in the zoo by Jaroslav Moravcik/shutterstock

One experience not to miss!
For adrenaline lovers for sure the magnesite mine transport tower (if it is still standing!) or during the summer, the castle with historical theatre, music and medieval fights.

The perfect picture!
If you want panorama go to sightseeing tower near Kosice castle or cathedral tower. If you can’t climb, then stay in front of the singing/music and light fountain in front of the state theatre in the very center – the favorite place to take memorial family photo!

Theatre fountain by Lubos K/shutterstock

Historic moment!
However dull, probably the Cathedral with a guide. Ask for Mr. Kolcun, he is the best knowledgeable and funny guy…

Advice from a local!
For Kosice center, if there is not any exciting event (including museums) then 2-3 hours is enough. If you wanna enjoy bars, beer, or hipster places and pub food you can stay in Beer pubs mentioned or in Tabacka. Otherwise I recommend to organize day hikes (Sives 14km, Jasov cave 28 km, Zadiel 40km, Spiss Castle 45 km).

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