12 Holiday Gifts For Every Couchsurfer On Your List

The end of the year is a time to reflect on the people we met and the many experiences and memories we shared. The holidays are a great excuse to reach out to those people and recognize the impact they had in our lives, and gifts or kind gestures are a wonderful way to do just that.

Here are 12 gifts we think are sure to delight every Couchsurfer on your list this holiday season!

1. A map to chart their travels.

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For the surfer who has traveled all over the globe, or the host who has welcomed countless guests, a map is a perfect way for them to visually track all the far-reaching places their Couchsurfing experience extends.

2. The book “No Baggage” for the literary traveler.

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Couchsurfer Clara Bensen traveled to eight countries in three weeks without any hotel reservations, any concrete plans, or even a change of clothes! She detailed her adventures in her new book, “No Baggage,” out January 5th and available for preorder for the wanderlusting traveler on your list.

3. A new shirt with the Couchsurfing logo.


Around the holidays we are all wearing our hearts on our sleeves already, so why not let your favorite traveler wear their love for Couchsurfing right on their chest? Gifting them a t-shirt with the Couchsurfing logo is the perfect way to help them do just that.

4. A passport cover to decorate and protect that prized possession.


Some travelers have so many stamps on their passport, they just need a great place to keep it, and that’s where your gift can come in handy! The jet-setter in your life will be thrilled to keep their passport in a new cover, selected just for them.

5. Baked goods to indulge a sweet tooth.


There is nothing sweeter than the gift of something sweet over the holidays! From a traditional family recipe for cookies or cake, to a custom-made gingerbread house of your host’s home, a sweet treat is sure to delight.

6. “My Couch is Your Couch” for your travel photographer.


With stunning photographs and equally inspirational stories accompanying each image, photographer Gabriele Galimberti’s book “My Couch is Your Couch” would be the ideal gift for anyone on your list.

7. An original song to honor a Couchsurfer.


If you’re musically-inclined, a personalized travel song for a favorite host or surfer would make an incredible and priceless gift! If you aren’t in town to perform it for your Couchsurfer, a video of you playing their song would surely make them smile.

8. A water bottle to keep in their travel kit.


It is important for all travelers to keep hydrated and refreshed when they travel, hike, or hit the road. This 24 ounce water bottle can help your favorite Couchsurfers keep their New Year’s Resolutions to take better care of themselves!

9. Postcards or souvenirs from home.


Sending a postcard or a small souvenir from your home to theirs is another great way to surprise a Couchsurfer over the holidays.

10. A charitable donation in their name.

A great way to pay it forward for generosity and kindness shared throughout the year is to literally pay it forward by making a donation in your Couchsurfer’s name. You can pick a cause near and dear to your heart, or ask them for their favorite charity!

11. A scrapbook or travel journal.


Documenting travel adventures and sharing them with new Couchsurfing friends is a favorite activity for hosts and surfers. Gift your Couchsurfers with a travel journal or scrapbook to fill with all their favorite memories.

12. The book „Couchsurfing im Iran“ for your German surfers.

IMG_1069 edit

For the German-speaking traveler on your list, Stephan Orth’s book „Couchsurfing im Iran“ is the perfect gift. Written after a transformative two month journey in Iran, Stephan’s tale is sure to prompt some serious travel envy.




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