10 Questions with a CS Ambassador: Gejza

Name: Gejza
City: Kosice, Slovakia
Years on Couchsurfing: 6

Gejza skiing in Georgia

Hi Gejza! Why did you get involved with Couchsurfing?
I realized that CS is a great way to meet people around the globe – share what is worth to share and learn more about various cultures, ways of life, opinions, values, fears and hopes. I try to balance my hosting with surfing, trying to organize exciting events or happenings.

Very cool! And what was your first Couchsurfing experience?
Some 38 years ago when I decided to “break” the idiotic rules of the communistic government and went illegally to Greece (you know: climbing Olympos, Parnassos, visit Delphi, Meteora, Crete…) because of rain I spent a night in the stairs of the building which proved to be an office building of a local construction company. When the cleaner found my backpack and guitar the manager offered me a couch in his office :). Later I planned a “dream come true” trip to Madagascar and searched for a couch in Mauritius so I registered and communicated heavily. In the end, I failed as the local host stopped answering.It did not discourage me however, so I am still here…

Gejza in Madagascar

Wow! 38 years ago! Long-time couchsurfer I see. What has been your most interesting surfing experience, apart from that stairwell?
When I surfed with a guy (living in one room of the shared apartment) who did not tell that we would share his only single bed. We “fought” all night for a single blanket (I did not have my sleeping bag nor pad with me..) so this taught me to better communicate and check well in advance the couch quality.

Yes! Communication is definitely key! What is the coolest gift you’ve gotten from a surfer?
Their home made Hungarian plumb brandy! A really strong one.

Sounds delicious. Has there been any book that has inspired your travels?
Jack London’s “Call of the Wild”. Because of pure adventure, survival and wilderness.

Amazing book. What is a crazy thing that has happened to you while traveling?
Playing water polo in Santa Rosa, Bolivia with pink dolphins and black caymans (assisted by piranhas…)!

Gejza in Bolivia with a very friendly Cayman!

Sounds dangerous! What is your favorite food from your home?
A well done potato/flour gnocchi with smoked sheep cottage cheese and roasted bacon.

My mouth is watering. What is your go-to karaoke song?
John Denver’s “Country Roads” – which I successfully roared in Finland some years ago…

I’m sure you were excellent! Have you ever met a celebrity?
Yuri Gorbachov… in the lift in Rio in 1997. Despite having been forced to learn Russian for 9 years I was not able to say him “Hello” so used Croatian “Dobar Dan” instead.

I’m sure he appreciated the effort! And lastly, what is your dream vacation?
The “Seven seas” on board of the three mast sailing ship …like the Cutty Sark!

Gejza, ready for his sailing adventure!
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