10 Amazing Places in Paris For Solo Travelers

Good news solo world travelers: Paris isn’t just for lovers. Sure, you’re bound to run into a honeymooning couple (or 10) and there’s probably some sort of drinking bingo game for spotting proposals along the Seine. But when you’re traveling solo there will be zero fighting over who gets the last macaron. We’ve rounded up 10 spots around The City of Lights that are perfect for travel sans accompagnement.

1. The Catacombs
There’s nothing like wandering a mile of underground tunnels lined with bones and skulls to say “I’m not just here for the romance.” The Catacombs are the final resting place of some 6 million Parisians, including famous former residents like Robespierre.

2. Sainte-Chapelle
This jaw-dropping work of stained glass art needs to be on any itinerary, but it’s perfect for a solo traveler thanks to its comprehensive audio guide. Pop on the headphones and transport yourself back to the thirteenth century.

3. Musee D’Orsay
Even just the building—an old train station—is beautiful, but this is where you’ll find the Monets, Matisses and Van Goghs. Wander at your own pace, and double back to see your favorites.

4. Laduree
Paris isn’t Paris until you’ve stuffed your face with macarons, and Laduree—where they were first created—is the place to do it. Eating solo in cafes is standard Parisian behavior, but you can always grab your sweets to go.

5. Montmartre
This highly-walkable neighborhood is an immersive experience in all things authentically Parisian. Take in the view from Sacre Coeur, visit the cafes, shops, and boutiques, even catch a show at the Moulin Rouge.

6. Take a cooking class
Tap your inner Julia Child and sign up for a cooking class (we like École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse). It’s a great way to meet other travelers, plus you can wow for years to come with your authentic coq au vin.

7. Stroll the Seine
The macarons and the baguettes can add up after awhile; elevate your heart rate with a jaunt along one of the world’s most famous rivers. It can be hard to pick where to start, but the section from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site … so we suggest starting there.

8. Take a cruise.
Walking the Seine is one thing, but the view from the water is unbeatable.

9. Watch the sunset from the Arc de Triomphe
The couples are going to make a beeline for the Eiffel Tower (thanks, Tom Cruise), but you’re going to outsmart them and enjoy a view that includes the tower. Hang around long enough to see the light show begin.

10. Listen to a reading at Shakespeare and Company
Arguably the most famous independent bookstore in the world (and definitely on the most prime piece of real estate), this needs to be a must-do on any bibliophile’s list. Grab a coffee from the cafe and a spot at one of the tables outside for an author reading.

Have a favorite spot we missed? Let us know in the comments below!


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