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Hammertime Post Office

Why   The same conclusion has been arrived at a few times: the site and its underlying technologies need to be rebuilt. And attempts to rebuild it have been initiated more than once. Which is part of the current problem: we’re managing a system that is a complex web of multiple sites in various states of repair, that need to talk to one another. It relies upon very old versions of software and other outdated technologies, its database design is no longer cogent nor intended to handle the number of Couchsurfers who use the site.  It’s time to rebuild it. Really, this … Read More

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Your new “Home” Page is here

There’s a something new on our website you should check out! We listened to your input: you need to be able to view your upcoming Couchsurfing activities at one glance … Read More

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A New Way to Discover Couchsurfing Events Around the World

Couchsurfing is a way of life, not just a way to travel. We’ve seen Couchsurfers fly to Mongolia specifically to stay with a specific host and visit Berlin just to … Read More

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