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We love to hear your stories! We encourage you to share either advice for other Couchsurfers, travel stories, hosting stories, or stories about a hangout or event.

Your posts will be reviewed by a moderator and if it is in line with our community guidelines then it will be considered for publication to the blog, where it is publicly visible. Your story may be shared on Facebook, other social media platforms, or on the Couchsurfing website!

We encourage you to share:

  1. Stories about your travel or hosting experience
  2. Re-posts from your personal blog, about your experience with Couchsurfing. You’re welcome to include a link to the original blog post at the beginning or the end.
  3. Advice, guides, or recommendations for newer Couchsurfing members

The moderator can add photos into the blog post, as well as videos. Just attach the photos to the end, and designate within your post where you’d like the photo to be posted. For videos, include a URL to the video on YouTube where you’d like to include it, and we can embed your video for you before it’s published.

Rules for User Submitted Content:

  1. Your post should be about your Couchsurfing experience, or travel stories in which you used Couchsurfing. Please do not write about posts unrelated to Couchsurfing, looking for advice about Couchsurfing, etc – there are other forums for that purpose.
  2. Please do not use this forum to advertise other services or promote other companies.
  3. All posts must follow Couchsurfing’s Terms of Use and all Community Guidelines.

We moderate all posts and will only post stories that adhere to the above rules, and that we think would be valuable and interesting to the Couchsurfing community.

Tip: We recommend that you write your post in a Word document or text file and copy/paste into this submission form. If there is an error (for example, your images are too big), your content may be lost. If you do lose your content, try hitting the backspace button – it’s sometimes saved there.

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