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A New Way to Discover Couchsurfing Events Around the World

Couchsurfing is a way of life, not just a way to travel. We’ve seen Couchsurfers fly to Mongolia specifically to stay with a specific host and visit Berlin just to attend the local Couch Crash. In our quest to not only create connections that last, but inspire them in the first place, we’ve launched Global Events so you can plan your travels around the incredible Couchsurfing events happening across the globe.


 Previously, members had to visit each city’s page to view upcoming events. And since many cities have so many events, you often couldn’t browse more than a few days in advance without feeling overwhelmed. Now, you can find any public event listed on the site by going to Global Events by clicking the “Events” button at the top of any Couchsurfing page.

Global Events Couchsurfing

Members may also vote for events to be featured on the Global Events page. To do this, go to the event that you would like to vote for and click on the “Want this event featured?” button.


The more votes an event receives, the higher the chance it will be featured on Global Events. Please note that the criteria will likely be different for different events and locations.

We hope this new feature will make events easier to find and the jobs of event creators even easier. We’ll be improving featured events over time, so hold tight if you don’t see your event listed right away. And, as always, if you have any additional feedback, we’d love to hear it.

Happy surfing!

About Marian Schembari

Marian comes to Couchsurfing via New Zealand via London via New York and has been a traveler since first studying in Spain. When not running social media at Couchsurfing she bakes, blogs, practices yoga and explores San Francisco like a boss.
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  • Peter J. Kim

    THE GLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVAL takes place on September 28, 2013 in Central Park NYC

    The final free general admission ticket giveaway is the 16th.

    go to


    VIVA CS!!!