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Launching Events in Early March: Community Update 2.13.13

Privet, Couchsurfers! We’re really excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new Events system. Members of the beta panel have been working with us to test Events for almost two months now, and we can’t wait to share it with the larger community very soon. Background Before we started developing Events, we already had another other meetup feature on Couchsurfing: Activities. (Some members also still have access to the predecessor of Activities: Meetings.) For each feature we rebuild on our new technology platform, we have to choose whether to simply copy it from the existing feature or make serious improvements. Activities are … Read More

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Place Page design updates and retiring Community Details: Community Update 2.6.13

Hello Couchsurfers, I’m Sam Houston, Community Manager at Couchsurfing HQ. I’m writing this week’s blog post to let you know about a few upcoming Place Page changes, including the retiring … Read More

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