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Still Waters Run Deep: Community Update 1.30.13

Bonjour, Couchsurfers! This week we’ve already released a few small changes and will be releasing a handful more. We’ve started work on some larger, structural issues with Places that won’t be visible for a while, but will ultimately make them much more useful. What we’ve released recently We’re still in the process of figuring out the overall site navigation we should use, and a few changes this week relate to that. We’ve added home and surf buttons to the top navigation menu. Clicking on the home icon takes you to your local place page, where there are separate sections for Conversations, Activities, … Read More

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January Couchsurfing Webcast Panel

This past Sunday, we held our second live webcast, this time with a panel discussion! CEO Tony Espinoza, Vice President of Product Development Andrew Geweke, Product Manager Merci Grace and … Read More

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Big Things Have Small Beginnings: Community Update 1.24.13

Hello Couchsurfers! I’m delighted to be sharing our ongoing product development updates with you on the Couchsurfing blog. We’ve heard you ask to be more easily informed about upcoming features, … Read More

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