Announcing the “New Inbox” on Couchsurfing

We roll out updates to Couchsurfing on a regular basis – this time we’re releasing an entirely n ... Read More

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More information on our new Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Read this Deutschen or Français Recently, we announced that we’re updating our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to bring them up to date with our new services, such as the mobile apps, and US privacy law. Since then, we’ve seen that, of members who have concerns, many of them are centered around the same topics. Privacy is very important to us, and we recognize that policies like these have a lot of information to wade through. The primary comments and concerns that we’ve received are about our license to use member data. After discussing this with many community members, it’s clear that … Read More

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Behind the scenes at Couchsurfing: Max Edmands

Part of an ongoing series where we interview members of the CouchSurfing staff about the work that’s going on behind the scenes. Previously: Andrew Geweke and Tony Espinoza. This week: … Read More

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