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What does more funding mean for Couchsurfing? — A conversation with CEO Tony Espinoza

[caption id="attachment_987" align="alignright" width="170"] CEO Tony Espinoza[/caption] Today we announced that we've raised $15 million in additional funding. It's a big announcement and understandably members have a lot of questions. Tony Espinoza, CouchSurfing's CEO, and I had a meeting so that we could talk about it. Our investors want to see CouchSurfing become something that really revolutionizes how people travel and connect. Meredith: So one thing that people are understandably skeptical about is how we're going to eventually earn money as a company. Can you share how you're thinking about our business model going forward? Tony: I think that we probably will end up … Read More

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Couchsurfing raises $15 million to improve our website and mobile apps!

Today, we announced that we have raised $15 million in funding. This is exciting news! It means that we can keep our energy where it belongs: on rebuilding the website … Read More

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Bringing our website up to date

For years, when I’ve met people and told them who I work for, one of the most common reactions has been something along the lines of: I love CouchSurfing! But… … Read More

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