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A letter from co-founder Casey Fenton

Dear CouchSurfers, After Wednesday's big announcement, I wanted to send you a personalmessage explaining what it means for CouchSurfing to have become a BCorporation, and how this will affect our global community. Our goal isn’t to make CouchSurfing different. Our goal is to make CouchSurfing even better at what it already does. We tried hard for many years to be certified as a 501c(3) non-profit, but ultimately the US government didn’t accept that hosting and surfing are charitable activities. We needed to evolve to meet that reality, and B Corp is amodel that accomplishes the same support for our mission that we … Read More

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A New Era for Couchsurfing

We started CouchSurfing with a crazy idea in mind. We thought that maybe, just maybe, the world could be changed one couch at a time. 5,766,182 inspiring experiences later, we … Read More

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