Verification! What is it?

Shall we let the beautiful Malia explain it for us? Watch the video below for all the fun details…

Verification on Couchsurfing is the process where you verify your person through Facebook or email and verify your living arrangements with the internet (and a nifty postcard).

If you decide, “Sure when I’m hosting I’d like surfers to have a better piece of mind that I probably live where I say I live, and since I don’t have any friends or references on Couchsurfing yet, this will lend me a little more credibility” then click Verify Me.

There is a one-time fee based on where you live. You pay for that with either a credit card or PayPal. Once you enter your payment information, fill out your address and click HOORAY DONE.

Within a few weeks you’ll receive a postcard with a code on the back. You’ll enter that code and get a green check mark on your profile. Just like a gold star in school.

Ready to get verified? Click here to get started!



  1. I think it’s totally stupid to make such a nice video and forget to put subtitles.
    Do you really expect that a couchsurfer who comes from a non-english speaking country could understand what she says?

    1. Hi Sly. If your city doesn’t appear in the Couchsurfing system, you can still get verified. This is because you will manually enter your address. From there, a postcard will be sent to your house and you can confirm the code on that postcard.

      If you’re having another difficulty with your address, please email our support team at

      1. Yes I can manually enter my adress for the postcard, but not on my CS profile, so the adress showed on on my profile remains wrong. So I’m gonna be “verified” even if there is a 20-mile no-mans-land between my real location and the one showed on my profile, its a wicked verification I think. Thanks