5 More Couch Crashes You Don’t Want to Miss – Fall Edition

Couch Crashes continue to be one of the best ways to jump into local Couchsurfing communities and create lasting memories. Participating in a weekend of events organized by the locals who live there gives Couchsurfers a unique look at a city!

At a Couch Crash, you can expect a mix of both locals and travelers from all over the world. Many of the events have hundreds of registered attendees!

12004828_10153182336467852_2880688525551017085_nThere was a big turnout for the Detroit Couch Crash!

Here are some upcoming Couch Crashes that are sure to be fun:

Curitiba, Brazil (October 30 – November 2)

  • Guided city walk
  • Traditional samba meal
  • Bike tour with Lunch
  • Museum tour
  • Picnic in the Botanical Garden

Charlotte, USA (November 12-15)

  • A weekend of fun
  • More details to come!

Mazunte. Mexico (November 14-16)

  • 4th annual event!
  • Museum tour
  • Watching the sunset
  • Mezcal and wine tasting
  • Games
  • Evening parties

Rotterdam, Netherlands (November 26-29)

  • Pubcrawl
  • City tours
  • Sauna
  • Boat party
  • Street art tour
  • Afternoon game party

Sofia, Bulgaria (December 30 – January 2)

  • 10th Annual Winter Camp
  • Changes location every year
  • Explore Sofia
  • Celebrate the New Year
  • More details to come!

In addition to planning the weekend’s events, many generous locals are also hosts for travelers during the Couch Crashes. If you are traveling to an event and need a place to stay, we recommend creating a public trip in addition to sending individual requests to members of the Couchsurfing community.

Are you planning to host or attend a Couch Crash? Share your photos with us with hashtag #cscouchcrash!




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